Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Wear it WEDNESDAYS!!

Wednesday's are all about how to wear it!! Palazzo pants are a HUGE hit right now and sometimes are hard to put into an outfit because of the bold prints. Here are a few things you can put with Palazzo Pants and make them look AMAZING!!
Try putting a blazer with your palazzo pants!! It will add a more sophisticated look to the pants!! Throw on some heals and you have a GREAT look!!

Here we've added a chambray top to these adorable floral Palazzo Pants!! With that statement necklace this outfit has the perfect look! 

We think this crochet top goes perfectly with these optical palazzo pants!! Add a yellow cardigan and you've created the perfect look!! Shop all our adorable palazzo pants here and start creating your perfect outfit! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's TERRIFIC trends!!

There are so many great trends this summer but some in particular that are our favorites and stand out the most!! One of our favorites:

Boho Maxi Skirts
This trend is one of our favorites because of the bright colors and prints!! Not to mention maxi skirts can be worn pretty much any where and any time and are so comfortable. How would you wear your maxi skirt?? Comment and tell us!! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday's Message from The Nest!!

We hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and an awesome Holiday celebrating your freedom in this great nation!!

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day in the History category and came across this:
The first thing I thought was "boy have times changed" but then I thought why have they?? After doing some research "skinny" back then was viewed as being poor or malnourished which in the eyes of society at that time was not beautiful. At some point society changed it's opinion and skinny was viewed as beautiful and having weight on you was deemed the opposite.  

As women, despite size, we struggle daily to feel beautiful in our own skin. Without the taunting stigmas from society. I tend to wonder in the next 30 years what society will see as beautiful and what stigmas our daughters or children will endure when they are our age. Regardless of what may be in store for them my hope is that women can start feeling beautiful despite what others have decided is beautiful. That we can look past those stigmas and instead of seeing a face that society would not approve of that we instead see a soul. A soul that people love and care about. A BEAUTIFUL soul that makes YOU who you are. Next time you are upset about your weight, skin, hair, breast size whatever you are insecure about remember that THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY!! You are perfect JUST the way you are!! We'd love to hear what everyone thinks so share your opinions please by commenting!!  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday's are HOW TO WEAR IT!!

Wednesday's are all about how to wear it!! We are LOVING blazers right now!! Blazers, for years, were simply used for working women and usually matched their boring mundane slacks. But now a blazer can be used in SO many different ways! We love the idea of "finishing" off an outfit and adding that POP of color!! Like the style below it adds a sophisticated look to this classy outfit.

Another way to wear your blazer is adding that extra touch to your casual jeans & top!! 

Tell us what other ways you wear your blazers!!
Shop the blazers shown here and others like them online here!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Message from The Nest!!

Sometimes we forget to enjoy those little things. The little things that give us those warm amazing feelings. We get so wrapped up in our day to day busy lives that we forget to breath in when the breeze touches our skin, we don't close our eyes and listen to the sounds of the night when the day has come to an end, or feel the cool coarse sand around our toes when we go to the beach. 
What are some of those "little things" that you love so much??

Monday, June 16, 2014

And the WINNER IS....!!!!!!!!

You are all, I'm sure, DYING to find out who won this ADORABLE bag!! 
The extremely lucky lady is....drumroll please!!


Please email us at: to claim your prize!!! 

Make sure you're reading our blog we LOVE giving away things!!! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Jumpsuits...THEY ARE BACK!!

We are super excited here at The Nest because jumpsuits are back in style!! What's so great about jumpsuits you say?? How about EVERYTHING!! Jumpsuits are incredibly versatile. You can dress them up but also dress them down. And talk about comfortable!!! Our newest addition is this beautiful piece! Everything about it is flattering. The criss cross pattern & the color is to DIE for!!

Tell us what YOU think of jumpsuits!!!! 
Start shopping this look here:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty Rest??? Not in my house!!!

It's only 11:00 am and I am already considering a nap. My husband, bless his beautiful heart, is not the easiest person to sleep with. If he isn't talking gibberish (yes he does and I've had conversations with him!! Funniest thing I've ever seen!!) he is ripping the covers off of me or snoring extremely loudly!! I am the farthest thing from a deep sleeper so every noise, aside from the ones I'm used to, wake me up instantly and keep me awake. Needless to say I got out of bed this morning, stumbled into the bathroom and glanced into the mirror and saw the scariest thing I've ever encountered. ME!!! Baggy & bloodshot eyes as well as indents on my cheeks from where the covers had been. I somehow got myself down stairs to my computer where I started to work and here I am 3 hours later but still EXTREMELY tired!! Some of you are thinking "Drink some caffeine!!" but what other ways can we start the morning, and gain some energy to pave a successful day??

- First off DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST!! Guilty as charged!! I very rarely ever eat breakfast. Mostly because I don't give myself enough time in the morning to get up and eat. But what's it doing to me by not eating breakfast? Skipping meals will throw your metabolism off balance causing you to gain fat and lose energy...DING DING!! Skipping breakfast also means your blood sugar will be low in the morning and your energy levels will be down. Eat your breakfast ladies!!!! I will if you will deal?!

- Exercise. My arch nemesis! I have a love hate relationship with exercise. I love doing it but I always have the mentality that I don't have time OR that I'll do it tomorrow...biggest lie I usually tell myself!! But when you exercise in the morning what does it do for you?? Not only do you instantly shake off that tired feeling, you feel more alive and it gets your heart pumping!! Naturally giving you energy and feeling like you can take on the day.

-Spritzing the face!! I always like to get up and wash my face right away!! Especially by using cold water it instantly wakes me up. BRRRRR!! But it works!!

-Refuel with a snack that works!! It's a few hours later and you are hungry but want to keep the energy up?? Instead of eating candy or drinking caffeine go with the more natural alternative and you won't crash a few hours later!! Have an apple, or banana, grapes or even a yogurt!! Who doesn't love fresh fruit??

-More then anything GET TO BED EARLY!!! In my case I actually did! I feel asleep at 10pm along side my beautiful sleeping husband. Needless to say my slumber was only temporary because of my "active sleeper". I know that for me it's completely beneficial to go to bed early because I myself wake up a lot easier! Granted as long as I get adequate sleep :)

These are obviously just a few things to find fuel in the morning but what do YOU think?? If anyone has an other ideas comment and let us know we would LOVE to hear it!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We are giving away this ADORABLE anchor bag!!!! You must follow this blog to win so follow us then click here to enter!!! Giveaway ends on Friday and we'll announce the winner on this blog!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chevron....still hot?!

We don't know about any of you, but we are loving the fact that chevron print has hung around for as long as it has!! What are some of your favorite items that include this print? Here's some of ours!!

This Large Zig Zag Print Maxi is a perfect staple for your closet this season! And guess what? It comes in Pink & Navy to!! Love it? Get it here

 This adorable Multi Colored Chevron Print Maxi Skirt is so colorful and perfect for Sunday!! Love it as much as we do?? Get it here!
This Chevron Print Midi Dress is extremely flirty & colorful!! Throw a cardigan over it and make it a little more dressy!! Get it for yourself here!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Get to know THE NEST!!!

Have you ever thought...hmm...I wonder who is behind The Nest on Main!? We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves to everyone so that now you can put some FACES with the name!!!

Our first introductions?? Vanessa and Ashley!!

You've seen this face before but did you realize this beautiful model is also the owner of The Nest?! Some fun facts about Vanessa:
-She is the mother of 4 adorable boys! Ranging from ages 5-13!!
-She is the 8th child in a family of 10!!! WOW!! 
-She started the business 2 years ago & after one popular skirt 6 months later EXPLODED into what it is today! (We'll tell the story sometime!)
-She's sooo much fun, she would do ANYTHING for anyone and she's the best friend, boss, sister & friend that anyone could ask for!!

Ashley is next on our list!! She's our amazing customer service/warehouse manager/part time model!! Some fun facts about Ashley:
-She just recently gave birth to her second child adding another adorable little boy to her cute little family!!
-She is our original model and saved us when The Nest was small and was ran from Vanessa's house!!
-She drives everyday from South Jordan to Springville to the shop (and you complain about your commute!!)
-She is fearless, hilarious, beautiful inside and out and makes one of the best friends, sister and fellow employees anyone could ask for! We  her!!!

We will be introducing people once a week until we've introduced everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nest wants to EXPAND!!!

Hello to our amazing readers!!!

The Nest on Main wants to expand and we need your help!! We want to open up our 2nd where do you think we should open it??

Comment and let us know!! We would LOVE to hear from you all!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Wear it Wednesdays has NOW BEGUN!!

We're soooo excited for our NEW YouTube channel!! We will be showcasing each week new product, how to wear it Wednesdays and what to wear on the weekends! Yesterday we added a new video on how to wear Palazzo Pants!! Check it out and then leave us some feedback!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Facebook...naughty or nice?! We want to hear from you!!

Due to a recent discovery of ours we find ourselves questioning right now if Facebook is naughty or nice? We've recently found out that when we post something on Facebook that it's limited to who can see it. Even though we have 300,000+ likes only 3%-5% will see our posts unless we choose to pay Facebook to have more people see them. On a personal level we feel this just isn't right, as well as on a business side it seems unfair. We want to know what you think??

We think that if you subscribe to something or "like" it that you should be able to see everything that company/person puts out there unless you choose otherwise.

Give us your thoughts we'd love to hear from all of you!!!

In the mean time we are now on Google+ so follow us over there by clicking here!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Free shipping on orders of $20 or more this weekend only!!!!

Ladies!! Start shopping early this year and take advantage of our FREE shipping on orders $20 and over!! This special offer ends this Sunday at Midnight so start shopping today for Mom here!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Glance Into Our Sweet World!!

Hey Nest Fans!! If you've never been to our shop because you either live to far away or just haven't made the time to come see us here's a glance into our sweet world!! We are now doing videos weekly so make sure and check us out and subscribe to our YouTube channel!! Also if you have any feedback we'd LOVE to hear it!!! 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The 3 Amigos at The Nest!!

This post is dedicated to all the women that have those friends in their lives that they can't live without. Those women that when you are down, with just a text or a phone call, they can pick you back up and make you feel like you can go on!

Since the beginning of The Nest on Main there has always been the 3 amigos. Crystal, Ashley & Vanessa. We started our little business in Vanessa's basement. Vanessa's cold COLD basement. Bad lighting, possible spiders, and with freezing fingers we shipped hundreds of orders from there. Customer service and marketing was done at her kitchen table amongst homework and remnants from last nights dinner & pictures were taken on the front steps of her home! Sometimes we got daring and moved them to the back yard :)

Making the most obvious of decisions we eventually moved our warehouse production to the back of The Nest on Main shop. Still incredibly cold but with sufficient lighting the only set back there was we literally had NO room to move around. I remember one specific day my life (this is crystal by the way!) flashed before my eye after a fight with a hanger. WARNING: plastic hangers are extremely slippery when stepped on on concrete! Needless to say we pressed on and us 3 continued to ship hundreds of packages out of that small tiny cold back room. The one benefit I will say is Lily our chocolate lady was making hand dipped chocolates right around the corner in the kitchen so treats were bottomless!! By now you may be asking me what's the point of this story? Well here we are a year later with multiple employees helping us and all 3 of us embarking on new chapters in our lives.

Vanessa is moving to California in a month with her family!

I just got married and am living in New York with my husband!!

And Ashley and her husband just welcomed a new precious little boy to their adorable family!!

A year ago I don't think that any of us would have anticipated the changes in each others lives. But here we are all making HUGE life changes some of which are moving us away from each other :( I love these girls and can't imagine what I'd do without them!!! Thank goodness for cell phones & computers!! If you have those friends that you couldn't live without don't forget to tell them so & consider yourself incredibly lucky!! <3

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GIVEAWAY!!! Pin to WIN!!

Who's ready for a GIVEAWAY?? Spring is here and we are sure everyone is in need of a new spring outfit!! Be the one lucky winner that wins a $50 online gift certificate to The Nest on Main!! How do you enter you ask?? Click on the PIN TO WIN below!! Good luck everyone!!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Believe that YOU are beautiful!!

Our dearest readers: We are so sorry that we've disappeared and are excited to announce that we are back to the blogging world!! We are sad to say that over the last few months we have noticed an alarming increase in negative comments towards our models on Facebook. Although we welcome customers feedback this has been truly upsetting for all of at The Nest on Main. Right now in society there is a huge war against bullying. Up until this point bullying could be defined as something that happens between kids at school or online but bullying also happens among adults. What example are we setting for children when we think it's ok to comment hurtfully on someone's size, hair, body type or look?  The perks of social media is that you are able to get your voice out in front of people and can so easily be heard. For the right reasons this is a powerful tool but for the wrong reasons can be very harmful. 

The reality is, our models are not just faces but mothers, daughters, sisters, employees, business owners &  have feelings and emotions just like everyone else. We at The Nest on Main are all real women with insecurities and struggle daily to feel beautiful. We understand because of the pressures in the media it’s a problem and that many other women struggle just as much to feel beautiful in their own skin. We want to do something about it and we need YOUR help. Join us in fighting against these insecurities and to help remind, not just ourselves, but other women that we are all beautiful inside and out regardless of size, weight, hair color & etc.  Join the fight at or should we say join the POWER! Every women has the right to feel beautiful no matter what. If you see someone bullying online and voicing an opinion that is hurtful put your foot down and stand up against cruelty on social media! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life is beautiful!!

Sometimes we need to remember what in life makes us happy! Remind yourself of all the beautiful things you may forget about <3