Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The 3 Amigos at The Nest!!

This post is dedicated to all the women that have those friends in their lives that they can't live without. Those women that when you are down, with just a text or a phone call, they can pick you back up and make you feel like you can go on!

Since the beginning of The Nest on Main there has always been the 3 amigos. Crystal, Ashley & Vanessa. We started our little business in Vanessa's basement. Vanessa's cold COLD basement. Bad lighting, possible spiders, and with freezing fingers we shipped hundreds of orders from there. Customer service and marketing was done at her kitchen table amongst homework and remnants from last nights dinner & pictures were taken on the front steps of her home! Sometimes we got daring and moved them to the back yard :)

Making the most obvious of decisions we eventually moved our warehouse production to the back of The Nest on Main shop. Still incredibly cold but with sufficient lighting the only set back there was we literally had NO room to move around. I remember one specific day my life (this is crystal by the way!) flashed before my eye after a fight with a hanger. WARNING: plastic hangers are extremely slippery when stepped on on concrete! Needless to say we pressed on and us 3 continued to ship hundreds of packages out of that small tiny cold back room. The one benefit I will say is Lily our chocolate lady was making hand dipped chocolates right around the corner in the kitchen so treats were bottomless!! By now you may be asking me what's the point of this story? Well here we are a year later with multiple employees helping us and all 3 of us embarking on new chapters in our lives.

Vanessa is moving to California in a month with her family!

I just got married and am living in New York with my husband!!

And Ashley and her husband just welcomed a new precious little boy to their adorable family!!

A year ago I don't think that any of us would have anticipated the changes in each others lives. But here we are all making HUGE life changes some of which are moving us away from each other :( I love these girls and can't imagine what I'd do without them!!! Thank goodness for cell phones & computers!! If you have those friends that you couldn't live without don't forget to tell them so & consider yourself incredibly lucky!! <3

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