Monday, April 28, 2014

Believe that YOU are beautiful!!

Our dearest readers: We are so sorry that we've disappeared and are excited to announce that we are back to the blogging world!! We are sad to say that over the last few months we have noticed an alarming increase in negative comments towards our models on Facebook. Although we welcome customers feedback this has been truly upsetting for all of at The Nest on Main. Right now in society there is a huge war against bullying. Up until this point bullying could be defined as something that happens between kids at school or online but bullying also happens among adults. What example are we setting for children when we think it's ok to comment hurtfully on someone's size, hair, body type or look?  The perks of social media is that you are able to get your voice out in front of people and can so easily be heard. For the right reasons this is a powerful tool but for the wrong reasons can be very harmful. 

The reality is, our models are not just faces but mothers, daughters, sisters, employees, business owners &  have feelings and emotions just like everyone else. We at The Nest on Main are all real women with insecurities and struggle daily to feel beautiful. We understand because of the pressures in the media it’s a problem and that many other women struggle just as much to feel beautiful in their own skin. We want to do something about it and we need YOUR help. Join us in fighting against these insecurities and to help remind, not just ourselves, but other women that we are all beautiful inside and out regardless of size, weight, hair color & etc.  Join the fight at or should we say join the POWER! Every women has the right to feel beautiful no matter what. If you see someone bullying online and voicing an opinion that is hurtful put your foot down and stand up against cruelty on social media! 

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