Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Facebook...naughty or nice?! We want to hear from you!!

Due to a recent discovery of ours we find ourselves questioning right now if Facebook is naughty or nice? We've recently found out that when we post something on Facebook that it's limited to who can see it. Even though we have 300,000+ likes only 3%-5% will see our posts unless we choose to pay Facebook to have more people see them. On a personal level we feel this just isn't right, as well as on a business side it seems unfair. We want to know what you think??

We think that if you subscribe to something or "like" it that you should be able to see everything that company/person puts out there unless you choose otherwise.

Give us your thoughts we'd love to hear from all of you!!!

In the mean time we are now on Google+ so follow us over there by clicking here!!

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