Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday's Message from The Nest!!

We hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and an awesome Holiday celebrating your freedom in this great nation!!

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day in the History category and came across this:
The first thing I thought was "boy have times changed" but then I thought why have they?? After doing some research "skinny" back then was viewed as being poor or malnourished which in the eyes of society at that time was not beautiful. At some point society changed it's opinion and skinny was viewed as beautiful and having weight on you was deemed the opposite.  

As women, despite size, we struggle daily to feel beautiful in our own skin. Without the taunting stigmas from society. I tend to wonder in the next 30 years what society will see as beautiful and what stigmas our daughters or children will endure when they are our age. Regardless of what may be in store for them my hope is that women can start feeling beautiful despite what others have decided is beautiful. That we can look past those stigmas and instead of seeing a face that society would not approve of that we instead see a soul. A soul that people love and care about. A BEAUTIFUL soul that makes YOU who you are. Next time you are upset about your weight, skin, hair, breast size whatever you are insecure about remember that THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY!! You are perfect JUST the way you are!! We'd love to hear what everyone thinks so share your opinions please by commenting!!  

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