Monday, June 2, 2014

Get to know THE NEST!!!

Have you ever thought...hmm...I wonder who is behind The Nest on Main!? We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves to everyone so that now you can put some FACES with the name!!!

Our first introductions?? Vanessa and Ashley!!

You've seen this face before but did you realize this beautiful model is also the owner of The Nest?! Some fun facts about Vanessa:
-She is the mother of 4 adorable boys! Ranging from ages 5-13!!
-She is the 8th child in a family of 10!!! WOW!! 
-She started the business 2 years ago & after one popular skirt 6 months later EXPLODED into what it is today! (We'll tell the story sometime!)
-She's sooo much fun, she would do ANYTHING for anyone and she's the best friend, boss, sister & friend that anyone could ask for!!

Ashley is next on our list!! She's our amazing customer service/warehouse manager/part time model!! Some fun facts about Ashley:
-She just recently gave birth to her second child adding another adorable little boy to her cute little family!!
-She is our original model and saved us when The Nest was small and was ran from Vanessa's house!!
-She drives everyday from South Jordan to Springville to the shop (and you complain about your commute!!)
-She is fearless, hilarious, beautiful inside and out and makes one of the best friends, sister and fellow employees anyone could ask for! We  her!!!

We will be introducing people once a week until we've introduced everyone!!!

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